Les Mariannes Wellness Retreat Mauritius.


Chronic pain is a warning sign from your body. It is an alarm signaling you to change your lifestyle, eating habits, and your work-play-rest balance. Unfortunately when we ignore this warning sign, and carry on as usual- the cause is ignored and we resort to medications that switch off the pain intensity and provide short term relief.

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Pain is the cry of our body for…change. Change in eating habits, in exercising, and in ifestyle.
Our programs will realign YOUR MIND AND BODY- LET GO, de stress, relax tense muscles and our therapists will dissolve the knots and soothe the joints. With a proper detox diet, your body will eliminate the toxins that are causing inflammation and pain.
Physio, ayurvedha, massage, hydro therapy, acupuncture and proper nutrition-all will blend synergistically to give optimum results in the shortest time.


  • Chronic joint stiffness
  • Muscular aches
  • Postural pain
  • Post traumatic pains
  • Chronic inflammation
pain management

Why Les Mariannes ?

  • A personalised program following a lifestyle consultation and BMI analysis by a team of doctors or lifestyle consultants
  • A Life Force Energy Scan to assess your energy values, chakra alignment, food intolerances and toxicity levels.
  • Neurofeedback scans
  • Biofeedback rebalancing
  • Two hours of one-to-one therapy each day
  • Three wellness meals per day, and unlimited alkaline water and fresh infusions at our juice bar.
  • A special Detox Herbal kit for intestinal tract health and cleansing
  • A super food Adaptogen pack to help your body more resistant to illness and anxiety

How to Treat? (Therapies)

Fir Detox Session

Detox Scrub & Wraps


Castor oil compress

Cupping Massage

Head and neck massages

Foot reflexology

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Spine and back destressing massage

Group Sessions




Fitness classes and trekking


Inclusion Min

Number of Sessions

4 Nights

Number of Sessions

7 Nights

Number of Sessions

14 Nights

Medical Consultation 1 1 3
Life Force Scan + Biofeedback Rebalancing 1 1 2
Acupuncture + FIR detox session 1 1 4
Hydro Therapy circuit + castor oil compress 45 2 3 6
Foot Reflexoloxy + Head and Neck massage 30 2 3 8
Full body/lymphatic drainage massage 50 2 3 5
Yoga/meditation/ Fitness class/minfdulness 60 2 3 6
Acupressure + cupping massage +physiotherapy 30 1 2 5
Package Price Including Meals 690 800 1550
Select Room
Number of Person
Total Price (EUR) 1090 1500 2950


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