Les Mariannes Wellness Retreat Mauritius.


The ageing process is a natural one, but nowadays ageing has become accelerated by stressful living, eating the wrong foods, high environmental toxin levels, smoking, taking alcohol, and living a sedentary lifestyle.
Scientifically structured, our programs uniquely combine allopathic, alternative & complementary therapies with the sublime wisdom of various ancient Indian medicinal practices.


Our Anti Aging program is suitable for all individuals who are living below their full potential no matter what their age!

This program is a synthesis of yogic methods and practices, diet, massage, therapeutic baths and wraps, rejuvenation tonics and Siddha medicines (a form of traditional medicines older than Ayurveda), as well as specialized modern bioenergy medicine-all done under the supervision of our doctors.
Ideal Program duration for maximum benefits will be 7 to14 days


  • Fatigue, low energy

  • Loss of drive

  • Loss of flexibility and muscle strength

  • Early onset diseases

  • Aging skin

Anti Ageing - les mariannes

Why Les Mariannes ?

  • A personalised program following a lifestyle consultation and BMI analysis by a team of doctors or lifestyle consultants
  • A Life Force Energy Scan to assess your energy values, chakra alignment, food intolerances and toxicity levels.
  • Neurofeedback scans
  • Biofeedback rebalancing
  • Two hours of one-to-one therapy each day
  • Three wellness meals per day, and unlimited alkaline water and fresh infusions at our juice bar.
  • A special Detox Herbal kit for intestinal tract health and cleansing
  • A super food Adaptogen pack to help your body more resistant to illness and anxiety

How to Treat? (Therapies)

Fir Detox Session

Detox Scrub & Wraps


Castor oil compress

Cupping Massage

Head and neck massages

Foot reflexology

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Spine and back destressing massage

Group Sessions




Fitness classes and trekking

Anti Aging Program

This program is a combination of yogic and ayurvedic techniques with modern medical and bio-energy approach. All programs are crafted after a Life force scan, some blood tests when required – and depends on each client present state of health. This list below is only indicative

Inclusion Min Number of Sessions

4 Nights

Number of Sessions

7 Nights

Number of Sessions

10 Nights

Number of Sessions

14 Nights

Doctor Consultation with Lifeforce Scan 2 3 2 4
Nutritionist consultation 1 1 2 2
Bio Feedback Rebalancing 30mins 2 2 3 4
Ayurvedic medicine-vitamin supplements-Antioxidants- Superfood-Adaptogens 1 1 1 1
Acupuncture / Auricular therapy 30 mins 1 2 2 4
FIR detox session 30 mins 2 3 3 6
Hydro Therapy circuit – 45 mins 2 3 4 6
Massage therapy; shirodhara, Foot reflexology, Lynphatic drainage, Full body, Body wraps 50 4 6 4 12
Reiki/energy healing/crystalHealing 30 1 2 3 5
Personal fitness trainer 30 1 2 3 5
Yoga/meditation /Mindfulness /pranayama 60 3 6 4 12
60 1 2 3 5
1 2 3 5
1 2 3 5
Acupressure /Cupping therapy 30 1 2 3 5
30 1 2 3 5
Package Price Including Meals 1000 1550 1050 2650
Select Room
Number of Person
Total Price (EUR) 1400 2250 2050 4050

Below are prices of rooms in Euros and per night on full board basis

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