Les Mariannes Wellness Retreat Mauritius.

SPA & MASSAGE Therapies


cupping massage

The cupping massage therapy is another “ancient” healing method which we used at Les Mariannes to help our patients to get relief from aches and pains, and for insomnia and stress.

Digital Detox Wellness Escape

Digital Detox Wellness Escape

This will rebalance all tension spots related to usage of mobile phones and keyboards ! Amazing tension releaser.

Vichy Rain Effusion Experience

Vichy Rain Effusion Experience

A 30 minute body massage, a body wrap, a Vichy effusion shower and hot/cold water experience to clean and invigorate your whole System!

Neck, Back and Shoulder Rejuvenator

Neck, Back and Shoulder Rejuvenator

Ideal for those with limited time- this is a deep tissue oil massage that releases tensions, blockages and restores flexibility, It is also an ideal add on to enhance your Spa experience.

Benefits of Spa and Massage Therapies

The power of touch- we were born to be touched and pampered ! To feel better, to get rid of stress, the healing touch from a good massage instantly realign our mind-body in a few minutes.
Our Spa therapies combine several methods to deliver treatments that heal you at a deep level and remove physical and mental blockages that are have been locked in your tissues.
Spa therapies are “added on” to many of our packages because they provide the ideal
mind-body relaxation response. Having a massage with natural oils that agree with your body type has a most powerful balancing effect- on our mind,emotions and physical body.
Some spa therapies help us to go into deep relaxation, and help the mind to evacuate stressful emotions,and this can enhance the benefits of other treatments such as detox therapies, pain management, cancer recovery programs. Other therapies help to eliminate toxins and boost the lifeforce,

  • Deep relaxation response
  • Evacuation of stress
  • Body realignment
  • Sleep restoration
  • Evacuation of tension and anxiety
  • Hormonal Rebalancing

Wellness Sanctuary Spa

Our Spa is all about restoring balance to your mind, body and spirit.

Our treatments are a blend of several styles of massage- Balinese, thai, Chinese, indian, European – delivered by highly trained and caring staff. We have designed our Spa experience around the theme of personalized treatments – you will be asked to fill a questionnaire and indicate those areas that you feel will need more attention in your body. Our therapist with their magical hands will do the rest.

Natural ingredients and essential oils will rejuvenate your mind and body and make you feel alive again.

All our massage have a therapeutic touch that will make a huge difference in helping you to overcome specific problems,


You might not know the exactly what are you suffering from?

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