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FAQ's About Les Mariannes

At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary, we offer you the right tools to set you on the path to recovery with our wellness therapy packages. Your journey to wellness is a personal one. This is why all of our packages are only intended as guidelines for your journey and are all customizable. Get in touch with us now, and we’ll help you design your way to a perfect you.

We are more focused on the health/wellness aspects of our guests- using a 360 wellness approach- diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, together with physical therapies such as massage, physio. We add to this an international team of therapists in several fields- Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, physical therapists together with medical staff who are all trained in east-west therapies.

However, if a guest wishes to stay at Les Mariannes and have a hotel/spa experience he will also enjoy the facilities and relaxing atmosphere.

In fact, we see a broad range of illnesses – skin, muscular, bones, heart, brain, nervous, digestive, painful conditions and severe cases, like cancer .

But our approach is basically to help the body heal itself- remove the blockages, and let the body do the healing. We use the most advanced diagnostic equipment based on quantum physics- to help us identify these blockages and then design our tailor-made treatment programs to give maximum positive results within a short time.

Yes, we do not serve alcohol on the premises, and there are specific zones for smokers.

We advise all guests to keep noise level down, so that we let others enjoy their peaceful retreat.

We do not accept kids & teens below 15 years.

Cool, moderate temperatures throughout the year 17 to 23 degrees except summer months November to April where the range is 25 to 35. However, our Sanctuary is located in the highlands, so we benefit from cooler temperatures in summer months.

We are very lucky in that we have a good stable country with a democratic British based system of parliament and with elections every 5 years. Mauritius is in fact in the top 5 of the African nations in many categories- stability, human rights, democracy, financial growth, business climate, tourism destination.

We have a strong tourist industry with outstanding hotels right on the beach and other top travel awards go every year to several Mauritius hotels.

We do not have any dangerous animals ( snake, scorpion) and we are malaria free.

Most countries have a priority arrangement with our government and visas are issued at the airport upon arrival-with no charges!

And we collect our guest and the drive to the sanctuary is only One hour away !

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