Fancy a Holistic Health retreat in Mauritius?

Now at last this is possible at Les Mariannes wellness sanctuary where you will find a large selection of health and wellness services offered by a superb team of therapists, naturopaths and doctors.

Whatever your aim-whether it is a rejuvenation retreat or a spiritual healing retreat, coming to us will help you discover a new person within you : relaxed, healthier and free from the pressures of the fast paced nonstop hussle and bussle of modern living.
We have designed all our programs to enable you to make the most of your health retreat with us, and we have built in enough flexibility to accommodate your special needs and preference. Some guests wish a pure holistic health retreat, while others want a blend of rejuvenation retreat together with a “Discover Mauritius” package. We can cater to all tastes and requirements, within  the time span that you have available.
We offer several retreats all year round from a minimum of 4 nights onwards. Each retreat addresses a specific theme:
  • Coping with Grief and loss
  • Starting Afresh
  • Giving Up old habits
  • Physical Health Overhaul
  • Mental and Emotional Health Renewal
  • Specific Health Issues
  • Spiritual Journey
Each program is carefully curated based on your health priorities when you make the booking and your evaluation by our doctor/naturopath upon admission. You will then be given a retreat program that takes into account your present condition (mind body spirit) and what you wish to achieve. You will also decide on the intensity of the retreat program –mild, medium or intense. This will help us to design the treatment flow most suited to your personality and needs without stressing you out.
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Les Marianne Overview


Each day you will have 2 hours of one to one therapy and you can join in daily group sessions as you wish –yoga, fitness, walking, swimming, meditation, lectures, hydrotherapy. But most importantly you will find each day bringing you closer to your goal of becoming again your authentic self.

This is our Uniqueness- gentle, working with the flow, and putting you at the center of our activities and interactions. We never make a guest uncomfortable or go beyond their limits in our healing retreat. Ultimately you are the one to know which direction is best for you and what therapies are bringing you most benefits- and we always respect that and work with you in this direction.

More importantly you will be touched and enriched by the warmth of our carefully chosen and trained staff who will make you feel like family and at ease from day one.
We are here for You.


Do send us an email at retreat@lesmariannes.com and telling us what you wish to achieve and how many days you wish to stay with us and we shall craft  the best retreat program for you.