Les Marianne Overview


Les Mariannes is a Sanctuary where you come to rest, retreat and recharge before you carry on with the rest of your life journey. This is the place to come to when you wish to leave behind old habits and unnecessary emotional luggage and start afresh.

Les Mariannes was crafted to become a place of deep healing and personal transformation. We have brought together under one roof various specialists in the field of wellbeing to help your journey- yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and the best from modern medicine and functional medicine.


More importantly mother nature has blessed this place –  right balance of earth and air energy, a balanced fengshui, and a powerful vortex of harmonious energy. The architecture and classic design have placed emphasis on the outstanding panoramic views of fresh green plantations, valleys, mountains and ocean and the amazing luminosity of the sun playing on nature’s canvas.

Our guests see us from many different angles- some see us as a nice boutique hotel to spend a few days while discovering the amazing beauty of Mauritius. Others see us as a life transforming destination, a place where they come to seek answers and we help them to listen to their inner guide and move on towards their destiny.

Others see us as the place to come for a good general health overhaul.

Whatever your aim, you did not find us by chance...

Les Marianne Overview
Dr Siddick MaudarbocusClinical Director and Founder
Our Wellness Sanctuary has evolved through the inspired vision of Dr Siddick Maudarbocus, a medical practitioner with over 3 decades of experience of western and eastern medical practice in different parts of the world. His quest to combine the best of east west therapies to make a person recover his health in the shortest span of time has led him to develop treatment programs that blend synergistically techniques from the orient with the best from western medicine.

He is surrounded by a team of well qualified doctor’s, naturopaths, therapists and nutritionist, paramedics to deliver outstanding treatments in an optimal way.