Shirodhara Treament

Shirodhara treatment has become a trademark for ayurvedha treatments worldwide.
In fact this is one of the best ways to reduce stress, normalise sleep and calm an agitated mind.It involves pouring of gentle warm oil over the forehead,with some gentle massage of the head “marma” points.

The benefits are amazing for such a practice that is over 300 years old and which modern 21st century science has only recently shown that it helps to rebalance the nervous activity of the right and left brain hemispheres and release natural neuro transmitters like serotonin, dopamine and melatonin.
Les Mariannes shirodharaThe shirodhara is a star treatment in our Rejuvenation and holistic health retreats. Most clients are amazed at the effects after just one single treatment! Our Shirodhara treatment is also personalised according to your doshas, or body type, and the oil used depends on which dosha you belong to! This is personalised healing at its very best.

Our Holistic health retreats are highly successful because for us no two clients are the same, so you can discuss with our therapists or doctors about your expectations and experience as the program unfolds. Sometimes we advise additional sessions of Shirodhara if we find that your system needs more deep relaxation to evacuate deep seated stress and emotional issues. Shirodhara stimulates the Third Eye and awakens intuition and inner vision. Your dreams become clearer and their contents become more relevant to your life.

The shirodhara is a unique therapy that is found only in Ayurvedha practice, Its effects are almost miraculous-specially in Rejuvenation Retreats where it dissolves stress like magic. For we all know that when there is too much stress in a person the aging process is accelerated by free radicals and fast oxidation. The Shirodhara is the antidote to stress and to facilitate the rejuvenation process.