Les Mariannes Wellness Retreat Mauritius.

Created by Dr. Siddick Maudarbocus, Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary is a holistic healing center where you come to heal and learn life-changing skills to become a better version of yourself.

Located in the paradise island of Mauritius, 500 meters above sea level and surrounded by a powerful vortex of energy, our sanctuary is where troubled minds come to find peace, aching bodies health, and lost souls a purpose.

We are firm believers in your body’s ability to self-heal through the power of the lifeforce, a vital energy known in the East as Prana, Chi or Ki.

Dr. Siddick Maudarbocus

Our mission is all about empowering you to reach your full potential at mind-body-spirit level. For we all have the instinct to be healthy and well but somewhere along the journey we have lost that strong connection to the master -healer within us.

To create a sanctuary of peace and healing energies where you come to rest, recover and heal- with the help of a team of professionals who are highly skilled in offering you the best from eastern and western medical and healing therapies.

5 basic rules to help restore your health –

  1. Rest and relax to recover
  2. Right selection of foods for your body type
  3. Getting rid of toxins in your body and mind
  4. Gentle movements with yoga and flexibility exercise
  5. Removal of physical blockages in your body via massage and energy medicine


Who is Doctor Siddick Maudarbocus?

About Dr Maudarbocus

After 30 years of practice, and travelling the world working for organisations such as Doctors Without Borders, Dr Siddick Maudarbocus grew dissatisfied with Western Medicine’s linear approach to healing.

Though advances in medical science help millions of us everyday, and allows doctors to save lives in ways which are nothing short of miraculous, its shortcomings surface in the realm of chronic illness.

Unable to heal the root cause of the problem, Western medicine resorts to palliative care, focusing on symptoms and pain alleviation by bombarding the body with chemicals and drugs which sometimes cause as much harm as the problem they are meant to solve. This is where the conventional medical system fails us. There is however another way.

The next great paradigm shifting leap equal to the discovery of antibiotics is about to happen and its foundations are not found in petri dishes and test tubes, but in the rediscovery of ancient knowledge that has been with us for thousands of years: The belief in our body’s potential for regeneration and self healing.

Wishing to provide a more holistic healing approach for his patients, Dr Maudarbocus set out to discover this ancient knowledge by travelling the world and learning from some of the world’s leading experts in Eastern medicine.

By bridging the gap between East and West, Dr Maudarbocus was able to create his very own healing process by blending the technology of the West and the timeless techniques of the East for a wholesome approach to healing that is unique to Les Mariannes Wellness Center Mauritius.

Surrounding himself with world class doctors and therapists in the field of mind-body medicine and practitioners trained in the ancient arts of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Reiki, and equipped with innovative technology and luxury accomodations for his patients, the Doctor’s vision to be a game changer in the field of holistic medicine is made manifest in Les Mariannes.

How Wellness Can Save Your Life

Meet Our Team

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